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NYPT's 1st Annual
Student Showcase

Stage Curtains

Sat. June 22
2:00 pm

Beban Park Auditorium Stage

Save the date!

Free Admission

All spring classes take part in our Annual Student Showcase. We will expect your child t0 participate; so please let us know if, for

some reason, you are unable to attend so we can plan our performances in advance.

There are no tickets. On the day of the performance, audience members just sign in at the door, get their program and have seat.

All performances are expected to be at the auditorium AT LEAST 30 minutes in advance (at 1:30 pm). The auditorium will open to the audience at 1:45 pm.  If you arrive earlier, please wait in the lobby. (We need time to get the kids settled and seated at the sides of the stage.)

When your child's performance is finished, they may sit with you in the audience.

The entire program will likely take just under 1 hour. Please be prepared to stay for the whole showcase.  Your child learns just as much from watching the other groups as they do from being on stage. Also, part of the experience of theatre is learning how to be part of an audience.

Yes!  Friends, family, teachers --they're all invited. 

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Zoe either by company email or the contact form on this website. 

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