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Drama School

We are a mobile drama school and, in the 2024-25 school year, will be offering weekly classes at 3 locations:

North Nanaimo:        Oliver Woods Community Centre,   6000 Oliver Road


                                  St. Andrews Presbyterian Church,  Departure Bay Road

Downtown:               St. Andrews United Church,   315 Fitzwilliam Street

In all classes, we strive to create a friendly, safe space where kids can

feel welcome, build confidence, and explore the theatre.

Classes are small (8 students) and divided by age. Note: There is some overlap with ages - especially

with younger kids -- as we know all kids grow and mature at different times. This will enable the instructor to meet the needs

of each young person at their current stage of maturity as well as personal and artistic development.​​

To see available class offerings for each age group, click on one of the listings below.

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2024- 2025 Year at a Glance

School Closures

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Registration Policies 

A non-refundable Registration Fee of $25 --one per family--  is payable every year (valid to the end of August 2025).  


To register, fill out and submit our registration form*.  After we receive your registration formyou will receive a link to our new "Parent Portal" where you will be able to pay for all classes --as well as register for any new classes in the future.  

Your child's place in the class is not confirmed until we receive payment for: (1) the non-refundable registration fee (if this is your 1st registration for the 2024-25 school year), and; (2) tuition for the first 4 lessons. (We bill 3 times each term).  Registration is not confirmed until we receive this first payment.)

Payment Due Dates for Fall Term Classes

1st payment:

If you register before Sept 1st - 1st payment is due 2 weeks after you register (or when you receive your link to the Parent Portal)

If you register after Sept 1st - 1st payment is due immediately

2nd payment

Posted to your account Oct 7th, and due on or  before Oct 14th

3rd payment

Posted to your account Nov 4th, and due on or before  Nov 11


Late enrolment - Students may enrol after the class has begun. In this case, fees will be pro-rated (i.e. you will be billed for the remaining classes in the 4-week payment period.)


No refundsIf, after the first four classes,  you do not wish to continue with the class, let us know,  and you will not be billed for the remainder of the class. 

Student Behaviour

Although we encourage individuality and healthy self-expression, we simply will not tolerate purposely disruptive, antagonistic, or dangerous behaviour. The following behaviours will not be tolerated in any class and will result in dismissal:

   (1) repeated arguing with the teacher (or other students);

   (2) purposeful and repeated disruption of theatre games or other activities in an attempt to manipulate, control, or antagonize;

   (3) direct or indirect aggression towards another (including, but not limited to: name-calling, shaming, exclusionary behaviours); 

   (4) physical violence or overly-rough physical play (including, but not limited to: hitting, kicking, pouncing on, knocking over);

   (5) repeated, careless disregard for class supplies, class space, or the property of others.

Students with Special Needs



(2) ASD;

(3) Speech Impediments;

(4) Anxiety and/or Depression.

Please inform the instructor if your child has any of the above disorders or conditions (diagnosed or undiagnosed). This will help him/her build a constructive (and hopefully helpful) relationship with your child.

It really does help us if we know any and all challenges your child may be facing.

PLEASE NOTE: Our instructors do NOT have special training with any of the above disorders. 


If a student misses a class

There are no refunds for missed classes, except in the case of  serious injury or hospitalization.  

Teacher Cancellations

If the teacher has to cancel a class due to illness,  students will receive either: (1) a makeup class (if possible), or (2) a refund for that class. If a makeup class is offered to students, no refunds will be given.

This also applies to snow days.

Trial Classes

No audits.

If you want to "try" a class, a "Drop-in Class" is available for $25 each.  A student may purchase up to 4 Drop-in classes for any one program each term.

Switching Classes

Students may switch to a different class, upon which then any difference in tuition fee then becomes payable/refundable. Only one class-switch allowed per term.

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